Tumble Dryers

DOMUS machines, specialists in industrial laundry since 1922

Tumble Dryer machines in 180l. capacity (19Kg) to let you dry your laundy in one shot.

ELECTRONIC CONTROL, offers a complete control of the process.

REVERSE ACTION, offer the reverse turning of the drum. This way the Drying process is more efficient and offers better uniformity on the garments drying process, avoiding at the same time the tangling of the big pieces.

DOUBLE FLOW, the new system of mixed axial-radial air-flow increases the efficiency of the whole drying process due to the improvement of the air-flow inside the drum

AIR RE-CYCLE, to achieve the maximum energy saving created recirculation system that introduces the expelled hot air inside the drum.

EFFICIENT DRY, new Domus humidity sensor offers a precise control of moisture in the linen. By this feature the drum will move at the optimal speed to ensure maximum humidity extraction.

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