Washing Machine 100l.. (11 Kg) ___________________________________ 5,00 ¤

¿Does it look like the one at home?, It is not... this is a high spin washer extractor that can easily accommodate loads of laundry and reduce water and wrinkling in it.

Whasing Machine 130l.. (13/15 Kg) ________________________________ 7,00 ¤

With capacity for 1.50 duvets, two 1.35 duvets or several 0.90 duvets, as well as important household laundry, this is a washing machine that will satisfy almost all your needs.

Washing Machine 180l. (18-20 Kg) _________________________________ 8,00 ¤

This big load washer can handle bulky items like duvets, bed linen, duvet covers, blankets, bedspreads,...

Tumble Dryer Machine 180l. (18-20 Kg) ____________________________ 1,00 ¤ / 7 min.

So you do not have to worry about large items anymore, you now have the cheapest way of drying everything.

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