Washing Machine

DOMUS machines, specialists in industrial laundry since 1922

Washers models in 100l. (10/12 Kg capacity) and 180l. (19Kg capacity) to choose the best option according your laundy size.

HOT & COLD MIX, equipped with an automatic water mixer (mixing different water temperatures) with provider energetic savings and reduces wahing times.

WET CLEANING, equipped with the MAX microprocessor, with this feature many dry cleaning washing systems can be done with washer extractorss, which also means a reduction in costs.

SOFT OZONO RECYCLE, third water inlet, which allows to save filling time and to be used for soft water, ozone or recycled water.

EFFICIENT DRUM, this system has been developed by means of small perforations in the ribs of the drum, the water has a cascade effect on the load. This increases considerably the mechanical action inside the drum during the washing cycle and so reduces the need of water.

Automatic desinfection System washers after each wash.

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