Our business

We are very proud to be a local family business in Asturias. After having lived abroad for a long time we wanted to bring this idea that has been working for many years in the rest of Europe for people to save time and money.

LavanDry comes from the Spanish word Lavan (Lavandería=Launderette) and the English word Dry, making a british reference for being the first place in Europe where a self-service coin-operated launderette opened in 1949.

Our business is not a franchise, it has been set up from scratch, every little detail has been treated with great care in order to create a nice atmosphere for customers to enjoy. We looked for the best and trustworthy Spanish Launderette company which provides industrial laundry machines since 1922... Domus.

We hope to meet all your requirements as a company and provide you with a service of the highest quality.

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